Why should I help people that don't want my help?
Sometimes, ministry work makes me want to crawl into my own little hole, mind my own business and let people do whatever they want to do, even to their own detriment, but then the Lord says, “I sent you there to do a job. Are you going to do it?” Then, I have to make a decision to overlook offense, rejection, accusations, misinterpretation of my motives, spirits of pride, competition, comparison, jealousy and all manner of spiritual attacks to do what the Lord sent me to do. Many times I have said, “Lord, they don’t even want my help” and I left them to their own devices. That was easy. That is the default. What is hard is helping people that fight against you as you are trying to help them. Some might even say to me right now, “Well, Arletia, if they don’t want your help, leave them alone.”
But, I think of how a drowning man fights the one sent to save them. Do you let them drown because they fight you, when you know they need your help? You know that when they are safely on shore, they will thank you and appreciate you. But, even if they don’t appreciate you for saving them when they didn’t ask you to, even if they wanted to intentionally drown, WHAT DID GOD WANT? What did He tell you to do? God’s ways are so much higher than our ways. Jesus chose to die for all the people that don’t want Him as well as the ones that do. He loved us FIRST. He rose so that even the ones that didn’t receive Him right away would still have access to grace once they finally believed in His great love and pure intentions. He is merciful to us and overlooks our rebellion, and he tells us to be like Him.
Sometimes, people need us to fight for them when they can’t fight for themselves. When they think they know, but God knows better. He may choose to send you because of your skills and talents, but mostly it is our willingness, availability and obedience that qualified us. I thank God for those that fought for me in the spiritual realm when I thought I could win the battle fighting in the natural.
There comes a time when a Christ follower has to lay down their own life for their brother and do what God says, no matter what. The important thing is to actually be hearing God, moving in his timing and fulfilling that assignment at all costs.