Free Bible College - CLI

Free Bible College - CLI
If you are serious about ministry, but lack the finances to attend a traditional Bible College, CLI may be the answer to your prayers.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders, which is a 501 (c) three non-profit ministry. Christian

Arletia Mayfield’s CLI Deacon Minister Ordination Credetials

Leaders Institute trains thousands of Christian Leaders including graduates in over 160 countries. See CLI Directory.  Thousands of local Christian Leaders are graduating at Christian Leaders Institute.

Franklin and Arletia Mayfield holding Ordained Chaplain’s Certifications from Inter-Americas Chaplain Association

Christian Leaders Institute seeks called local leaders who sense the call into ministry no matter what their financial situation looks like. Christian Leaders Institute offers high-quality ministry training.  Local Christian leaders get training right where they live in connection with a local sponsor/mentor of their choosing.

We make this training available free of charge for any called Christian leader.  Every self-enrolled student who agrees to our faith statement and who completes the Getting Started Class is admitted for study.


Arletia Mayfield is an Ordained Deacon Minister and Mentor Minister.  She is listed in the Christian Leaders Alliance International Directory.
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